We are a non-profit RESOURCE CENTER 501(c) (3) providing education on conscious, holistic, and green approaches to end of life, including family-directed home-based after-death care also known as “home funerals.”

We fulfill our educational mission through:

1. Natural Transitions MAGAZINE (biannual, international magazine). Free E-version when you fill out our Contact Form. Or buy a print subscription.

2. Natural Transitions FILM FESTIVAL and more! An event with performance, films, workshops in Boulder, CO, which we are considering next running in 2015.

3. Deathcare WORKSHOPS/SUPPORT for communities, families, and individuals (Boulder, Colorado-based.) Individual consultations and group workshops. NEXT COLORADO WORKSHOP is in Boulder, Sunday, January 4, 2015.

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The latest issue of our magazine is Vol. 3 ISSUE#3 with the theme of  MOVERS AND SHAKERS includes:

NTM V3#3 Movers cover medQUIETUS: The Vessel, Death, and The Human Body: Julian Stair’s Pottery. NTM spotlights Stair’s extraordinary, graceful, and provocative art.

Why I Go to The Death Cafe by Holly Pruett founder of Portland’s phenomenally successful Death Cafe.

Holding Silvan: A Brief Life by Monica Wesolowska who gently leads us on her journey of embracing her new-born son and then releasing him.

Sallekhana by Whitny Braun. An encounter with the Jain practice of fasting to death at the end of a “complete” life.