Natural Transitions provides DIRECT SERVICES TO FAMILIES, educating and supporting them to prepare for death and conduct family-led, green after-death care. 

Direct support for families

We support families by providing them with education about options to create meaningful, personal rites of passage at death.  Our educational consultations, planning meetings with key family members to talk about options for family-led after-death care, including home funerals and wakes and green practices after death, are our particular area of expertise.  We aim to minimize our support role and to empower families to create what for them is a most personal experience of caring for their loved-ones.

Our at-death assistance is tailored to whatever the family wants or needs and no more.


Presentations. Since 2003, we have offered countless presentations to professionals and lay persons about preparation for death as a rite of passage, and the option of family-led, green after-death care known as a “home funeral.”

NT can provide speakers for your event.  Please contact us with your interest at




Workshops/Trainings… sharing our knowledge. Our trainings are designed for professionals working with end of life as well as family members seeking to care for their own at death.  Our current foundational training provides information on the dying process, advanced health care directives, as well as the option of a home funeral including green options in funerary care.  We have heard how these trainings have given participants the knowledge and above all, the confidence, to create beautiful, meaningful, and affordable rites of passage at death, that are life-changing for the bereaved, and profoundly honoring of the dead.

Photo: A workshop participant in repose during the care of the body demonstration.