Casketside1THE ART OF SACRED DEATH CARE, Natural Transitions’ Workshop. Next Colorado workshop tba.

A workshop to educate and empower you in green, home-based, family-directed after-death care    (aka home funerals).

Overcome your fears and step into the most personal, healing way of preparing for a loved-one’s death and caring for them when they transition. This hands-on workshop gives you all the tools  and knowledge you need to be able to care for your own dead at home, just as our ancestors did.   You will learn:

  • Techniques for practical, loving care of the body
  • Legalities and coroner concerns
  • Home vigils and wakes
  • Earth-friendly burial options

and much more!


Sue Mackey

Susan’s heart lies in supporting people at end-of-life. She has served by volunteering with elders as a caregiver, as a Family Hospice volunteer, and as a Natural Transitions board member and Educator.   720.884.6878 direct




Bev Yates

Beverly Yates
Beverly Yates is a Natural Transitions educator and public relations director for the Natural Transitions Film Festival Plus. She serves as a hospice patient care volunteer and is a graduate of the Sacred Dying Foundation’s vigil training program.  303.748.3771 direct


Edward Leonard of Berryville, Virgina, a marketing consultant for a monastery with a natural burial ground, attended our April 2011 2-day training in death care, including home funeral guidance. Here’s what he had to say:

 “I signed up for the Natural Transitions’ training with only a vague notion about the social phenomenon of reclaiming control and dignity over the dying process and low-environmental-impact funerals.  The Natural Transitions’ class was professionally executed and provided me with a framework that I am now using as I design and implement a 150-acre natural cemetery.  The course introduced me to concepts that I plan to share with clients who want to manage their own death process, but who may not know what questions to ask.” 






Patricia E. Participant in the 2013 NT workshop said: 

The NT workshop presenters created a warm and caring workshop that delicately handled some very sensitive topics. I appreciated the pace of what we covered, which allowed time for reflection and for information to sink in. From the powerpoint to the carefully prepared notebook to the hands-on experience, I left having learned much more than I knew upon arrival! ”