Apart from publishing NATURAL TRANSITIONS MAGAZINE, a resource for information on conscious, holistic approaches to end of life, Natural Transitions provides direct support to families through our educational consultations and educational support services to help families prepare for death and plan family-led after-death care. 

We advocate for hospice (our guides have backgrounds in elder care and hospice services) and we have expertise in green, family-led after-death care known as “home funerals.”  See our page on Bringing Death Home.



DIRECT SUPPORT  to families:

Educational consultations – by phone or face-to-face in the Boulder area.  Call or email us using our contact form to set up a consultation. These last for up to two hours and are in-depth explorations of what might help you mark the transition of death in the most healing and meaningful way.

Our role is to facilitate conversation around death and to help you create an after-death care plan.  We’ll help you to explore your views around death, taking into account your circumstances and support system.  The goal is to provide an opportunity for you to approach the death of your loved-one with conscious preparation.

Planning a home funeral is like planning any major life event like a birth or a wedding. We have found that families who prepare for death, are able to navigate through and integrate the experience of loss more consciously and with greater potential for healing.

Please note that in most US states, families may care for their own dead, which means caring for the body (“laying out”), filing paperwork, transporting the body to the place of burial/cremation and conducting their own vigils, wakes and funeral services, even in their own home.  We’d like you to DO IT YOURSELVES.


SUPPORT AT DEATH (please note that we are Boulder, Colorado-based) – by phone or in person 

Our goal is to educate and empower.  We encourage families to step in to conduct as much of the after-death care as they can. We are facilitators or “midwives” who believe in the healing power of “doing it yourself.”   We have the experience to support families to accomplish the following:

  • Care of the body – especially for home wakes and vigils
  • Paperwork at death including filing the death certificate and obtaining the permit for disposition
  • Transport
  • Final disposition (burial/cremation)


We charge hourly for our support services – so please contact us with your inquiry.

Our phone number is 303-443-3418