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NATURAL TRANSITIONS MAGAZINE is the only magazine on conscious, holistic approaches to end of life.  If you are an end-of-life caregiver, or a lay person seeking greater understanding of the journey to end-of-life,  JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF READERS. Our Vision is to provide education that can lead to a cultural shift in which death is embraced as a natural part of life.

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NTM began publishing in 2011 and now reaches more than 2.000 dedicated readers in the US and internationally (not counting the e-versions that get circulated to thousands of others on the worldwide web).



Each issue of NTM has a central theme (although we include articles on topics not directly related to the theme). The cover shown here is of Vol. 2 No. 1: Hospice: Easing the Way.

Our CURRENT ISSUE is Vol 5. No. 2 Suicide.


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2017 Upcoming Themes (although every issue contains topics that are on diverse end of life themes):

Humor and Death

Pet Death