Deathcare stories

Natural Transitions Magazine is a source for inspirational stories about how we navigate the journey to end of life.

Our very first issue is dedicated to exploring the home funeral movement and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the growth of family-led and family-directed death care.


Here are some moving and thought-provoking stories of healing from families who have benefited from our support services.

Erin’s story – a much-loved 31-year-old who was surrounded by her community in death.

Here is an excerpt from Issue 1 of Natural Transitions Magazine

We gathered around Erin’s bed that evening – telling stories, singing songs and sharing memories.  She fell into a deep sleep and died peacefully in the early morning hours. When we told the nurse that we were taking Erin home, she was aghast and said we couldn’t do that.  I told her to check the files because it was all arranged with Natural Transitions, which she did.

Once home, the women gently bathed and dressed Erin.  We laid her out in her bed with silks and rose petals… As I sat sobbing by Erin’s bed, I lifted up my head and suddenly a ray of sunshine shone directly on her face, which had the ultimate expression of peacefulness and beauty. We played the “Graceful Passages” CD and as the music slowly faded, so did the sunlight, until each ended at the exact same second. Read more in Issue#1 of Natural Transitions Magazine